A lovely message from Glastonbury 2017

golden hill

Golden Hill Community Garden: spring Fair, May 2016

The Ultimate Green Man 2014 Review

“Green Man Highlight: “Pip’s Human Jukebox. We spotted this humble fellow in his little music booth while looking for a party. The hour consisted of us being crooned at by the man with his excellent repertoire of live romantic music. I mistakenly put change in his drink, thinking it was his coin slot, but he was very forgiving about it. When his power cut off, he stepped outside the booth and sat in a circle with us, carrying on with the requests. It got to a point where he became an unwitting Pied Piper, as he got up to pull his cart over to another stage and we all followed, begging for more.”Will Slater

Wiki Festivals: Green Man 2014 Review

“Go put a coin in for Pip, the human jukebox with an impressive repertoire ranging from Elliott Smith to MIA and even Ariel the Mermaid.”

Carnyville 2010

“The joy of Carny Ville is wandering around the site and coming across gloriously unexpected delights, sometimes finding them by mistake, like Pip’s Jukebox: a man in a box playing requests on his guitar in a bluegrass style.”

End Of The Road 2012

“One of the coolest areas of the festival is the woods. There is a magical atmosphere, especially after midnight. On the last night I found myself bumping into a human jukebox. Decorated with fairy lights and red drape  ‘Pip’s Jukebox’ plays live what ever you feel like hearing out of his 300 songs of many genres”

Big Jeff aka Jeffrey Johns:

Spent the last few hours with Pip the Human Jukebox @greenmanfest. Nothing more joyous then hearing him do East 17 or Jurassic 5!


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